Birribengwarreminj mako-ken

That Didjeridu Has Sent them Mad

An article that originally appeared in 2000. I. Chance (Ed.), Kaltja now : Indigenous arts Australia (pp. 12-25). Kent Town (SA): Wakefield Press.

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The Bininj Kunwok Language Project is very excited to announce the appearance of our new book Something About Emus: Bininj Stories From Western Arnhem Land. It's a bilingual Kunwok and Kunbalanda (English) edited volume with lots of stories from dabborrabbolk— the old people, and lots of full colour photos and illustrations. We will be having several launches of the book in the coming weeks: Melbourne (3 May 2017 at Uni. Melbourne) & Jabiru (date TBA). Great curriculum materials for schools, useful for land management programs, tourists, National Park mob etc. Published by Aboriginal Studies Press (AIATSIS).

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Ngalwakadj Jill Nganjmirra talks in Kunwinjku about the two wet seasons Kudjewk and Bangkerreng and the environmental changes that tell Bininj (Aboriginal people) what foods are available at different times of the year. Key words in Kunwinjku are given as subtitles for the benefit of those learning to read and write in Kunwinjku. The version with English subtitles is below the Kunwinjku screen.

Drawings and voice over by Jill Nganjmirra. Subtitling and video by Andy Peart.


And here's the English subtitled version:


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Here is the children's literacy video about magpie goose eggs by Jill Nganjmirra, Seraine Namundja and Andy Peart. This version has English subtitles.


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Here is an old Kunwinjku children's reader from 1973 by Hannah Mangiru, Rachel Maralngurra and Meryl Rowe. Drawings by the brilliant artist Namerredje Guymala.


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